Summer Camps

The Summer Camp Program is an all day program that focuses on providing children educational and fun experiences. Children rotate all day through different activities such as computer lab, game room, arts & crafts, literacy classes, movie room, physical fitness & an array of educational field trips. The program provides them with an opportunity to develop their social skills and life enriching experiences.

This program also allows children to learn values such as friendship, honesty and teamwork by providing a safe and secure environment in which they can express and develop such relationships. It allows children to participate in field trips, arts & crafts, computers, movies, game room activities, field days and other indoor and outdoor activities.

Field trips may include Dandy Bear, Chuck-E Cheese, bowling, Bayside boat ride, air-boating in the Everglades, Movie Theater and ice staking to name a few. By implementing well-designed and monitored programs, we were able to provide a safe educational and recreatioanl environment that is conducive to personal growth and learning. We are truly committed to providing educational and life experiences that will help children grow and develop. 


  • Program hours: 8 a.m. to 6 p.m.
  • Early drop off is available at most clubs.
  • For more information for Summer 2014 please contact 305-446-9910